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About US:

The office has a resource typical of Costa Rican bookmakers. It has an uncomfortable and in some places incomprehensible interface. Office coefficients are initially served only in the American format. Only after registering in your account you can change the form of the odds to Asian. There is also a section with a casino on the BetDSI website, here you can also download the application for playing online poker. The margins at BetDSI will vary not only depending on the sport, but also depending on the tournament. If in the Premier League the margin is only 4%, then in the Italian Serie B it already rises to 7%.
BetDSI offers the best odds on American football. The margin in his matches is only 2-4%, while in matches with equal opponents the margin is usually lower. The office also gives good odds for NBA matches.
Interestingly, you can change the interface language of the Live section. In this case, the main language of the site interface will remain the same. When you select a section language, three additional languages ​​appear (Polish, Chinese, and French). doing business as Kool Communications LLC

Terms & Conditions:
A privacy policy is a legal statement that discloses how a party gathers, stores, and uses the personal information it collects. Personal information refers to anything that can be used to identify an individual, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, device IDs, and locations.

These policies are used by companies and mobile app developers to stay compliant with federal laws. They fulfill the legal requirement to safeguard user privacy while also protecting the company itself from legal challenges.

The contents of these policies can vary greatly depending on the industry, user demographics, governing laws and jurisdictions, and application platform. Employing the use of third party services may also affect the need for one, as well as its contents–even if the app itself doesn’t collect user information.

Safety Tips:
Meet the seller in person and transfer cash only if you have secured the item. As a seller, ensure that you have secured your payment and safely exchanged your item.

Do not transfer money in advance!

Unless verified by your own bank directly, don’t trust any SMS or email about any money transferred to your account. Someone’s claim to have paid extra money by mistake and asking to return/reverse is suspicious in nature and should be avoided in all instances.

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